About us

Our vision is to improve the quality of construction by lowering construction costs, contribute to create a better environment, and help customers to realise their dream home without compromise.

All these possibilities are enclosed in a printing machine that uses only the material needed for construction, creating a minimum of waste.

The machine moves in XYZ Cartesian coordinates, perfectly executing the inputs, working at a constant speed and executing exactly what has been designed by the architect for the client.

The option of leaving the raw material exposed helps to reduce construction costs because the insulation is located in the cavity walls and therefore plaster and paint, become only an option and not a condition.

We think that this new technology and its exposed material can give rise to an architectural trend, as happened with exposed concrete during Brutalism, with examples of architecture that are still icons of beauty today. The new age of architecture presents itself with unique and soft shapes that only these printers are able to create, producing true pieces of architectural art.


3DHCC s.r.o. printing company have created a partnership with the architectural office AP Architects + Arch. Ondrej Sperl in order to be able to provide all-round assistance.

Both in the design phase and in the execution phase our client will be followed by a team of technicians specialised in the construction of 3D houses.

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